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Resident Information


Rental Office 

33 Missouri Ave, NW, Washington, DC, 20011

Office: 202-882-3397

Fax: 202-726-2582

Emergency/After Hours: 301-573-9110

8:30am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday (by appointment)




Procedures for Emergency and Routine Maintenance


In case of fire, medical emergency or a violent situation, tenants should IMMEDIATELY call 911.


Emergency Maintenance Procedures

Report all maintenance emergencies to the management office. There will be staff available to answer phones during regular business hours and the emergency after hours phone line is available on holidays, evening, and weekends.  When calling the emergency after hours line, please leave your phone number, address, and emergency request.  The maintenance person on call must be able to call you and discuss the emergency before being dispatched to your property.  The following are situations that should be called in to the office or emergency line immediately.

  1. Flood as a result of sewer backup, burst water lines, stuck valve(s) or elements of nature;

  2. No heat in the housing unit or the entire building;

  3. No electricity in housing unit or entire building;

  4. Glass breakage where damage will occur to property or result in discomfort to the tenant;

  5. Roof leaks where the tenant cannot control the situation or when further damage may occur;

  6. Plugged toilet or sink where there is no other available toilet or sink available or the water is overflowing;

  7. Lock outs.  You will be charged a fee for all lockouts.

  8. Situations/problems that could threaten your safety or damage property.    




Any accident occurring on or to the property, that is or has the potential to become a safety hazard, should be reported to the management office immediately.




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