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Pest Control

Why Do You Need Pest Control?
James Williams, Owner
Nest Pest Services Washington DC

Most people call a pest control specialist, like our favorite extermination contractor, Nest Pest Control when they have a huge problem. You know, when bedbugs are all over the mattress or cockroaches are infesting the cupboards or mice are terrorizing the house. But if you call early, and make regular pest control a habit, then you will have a much better time of it.


“It’s the same as medical,” says James Williams, the owner of Nest Pest Control, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”


When we asked him what homeowners could do to prevent common bugs from making your home theirs, he gave us some great advice. Of course, even if you did everything on this list, you might still get a bad bug situation. If that happens, go ahead and give Nest a call and they’ll clear out the bugs, rodents and other pests in your home in short order. They’ll even give you a discount for being a tenant of Lancer S&L Property Management.


When it comes to keeping bugs at bay, there are a few requirements a couple of tricks and a really special call to make, says James.


Here are a few of the best ways of keeping the pests out:


1. Pay Attention

The very first line of defense is for you to keep a lookout for where these pests are coming from. Problem areas, like pooling water for mosquitoes; or signals that the bugs are on the move, like scout ants looking for food; are signs that you need to prepare your home and grounds.

“If you have bird baths, old tires including swings, tree houses for the kids or even the birds, a fire pit and of course catch basins to recycle water, check them regularly and tip out the water often,” James suggests. Go and check the outside to learn where all the bugs are hanging out. Firewood can be home to ants and termites so store wood at least 20 feet from your house.


Even take a look at your landscaping as it can cause problems. Try to keep branches and shrubs well groomed and away from the walls of your home so bugs don’t make the natural transition from their home to yours. If you are in an apartment, regularly spray your plants with a plant-friendly insecticide and keep outdoor plants as far from the walls and openings as possible.


2. Secure the Roost

You need to keep bugs out of doors and they won’t bother you. For that to work, you’ll need to examine your living situation. Anything that connects your home to the great outdoors can be a trouble spot. This includes doorways, windows, vents, pipes, chimneys and even roof shingles are just a few of the plages bugs will crawl through.


Fix everything that might leave an easy opening for bugs to crawl through like torn window screens or bad weather stripping. Keeping the bugs out with physical barriers is the second way to stop infestations.


3. Cleanliness is the Best Policy

The reason bugs like filth so much isn’t because they like filth, it’s because what is filthy to us is generally a feast to them. Crumbs on the kitchen floor, or in the carpet, are what they are after. So vacuum at least once a week, sweep and mop the floors and keep lids on the trash bins and, here’s an interesting tidbit: cockroaches love the smell of paper, so keep old newspapers, stacks of magazines and boxes cleaned up and off the ground.


4. Keep the Buffet, Away.

If you have a party going on, how do you get rid of the people? Turn off the music and take away the food. Pests don’t care about music much, but you take away their food sources and they will leave. Keep food in sealed containers & fresh fruits in the refrigerator. Finally, make sure those pet food bowls are cleaned up, too.


5. No Water, No Bugs

Water is especially attractive to pests of all stripes. They need it to drink, of course, but it is useful for breeding insects, too. So keep your place dry. Keep dirty dishes and standing water out of the sink, of course, but also check your pipes for leaks.  If they are leaking, call your plumber and get them repaired fast.

Keep in mind that if there is a lot of humidity in the home, think baths, basements and attics, drying those areas out can keep down infestations, too. Cockroaches especially look for water, evidenced by their common and nicer name, “waterbugs.”


6. Vinegar is Your Best Friend

Vinegar kills weeds (and regular plants, so be careful!) and many species of insects really hate the smell, like ants. Spray it in there ingress areas and you’ll keep them at bay.  Also, a neat trick, soapy water both kills ants and wipes away their chemical trail to prevent future intruders.  For ants, you can even use common spices! Black pepper, cinnamon, mint, red chili powder, and turmeric, are spices that ants will shy from.

Of course, bait traps and other common means (read “Raid”) are pretty effective as well.


7. Bait & Kill Cockroaches

Got roaches? Bait them with something they like (sugar, cocoa, bread, paper) and mixi diatomaceous earth or borax and magically kill the critters without trying too hard.


8. Call for Help!

You might have done everything right, but if you still see pests, especially termites and bed bugs, call a professional. “Bed bugs are especially difficult to eradicate without the right equipment,” says James Williams, “so don’t hesitate to call a professional to come and do what they have trained and practiced doing.”

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