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Maintenance Tips


Because maintaining your residence will be a joint effort between you and the property management company here are a few tips on things you can do to assist in keeping a comfortably home. ​


1. While in theory Garbage Disposals can handle many food items please do not put the following items down the disposal. Also, remember to never ever flush wipes.

1. Grease or Oil

2. Vegetable Peel

3. Egg Shells

4. Coffee Grounds

5. Pits or Seeds

6. Bones

7. Anything in Bulk

8. Garbage

9. Rice or Pasta

10. Stringy Vegetables

2. Check filters quarterly and change them twice a year.

3. Check fire alarms annually and change batteries during day light savings time

4. Be kind to the earth and recycle.

5. It is requested for the tenant’s best interest that you have a tenant’s insurance policy.

6. Leaky faucets or toilet running? Call the management office and shut off water.

7. Smell gas? Have issues with your gas stove or heat? Call management office immediately. If you feel the situation is life threatening call 911 first and them the management office.

8. Winterize your property as the seasons change or a freeze warning is announced by turning off the exterior water to the house and opening up all the outdoor faucets.

9. Yard work and maintenance is your responsibility unless otherwise noted in your lease.

10. Snow and ice removal is also your responsibility and required by law in most municipalities to be removed within 8-24 hours after precipitation.

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