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Professional Property Management

DSK Property Management Company was founded in 2002 by property manager Duke Lash. Duke Lash, a real estate professional, has managed residential and commercial properties in the Washington DC metropolitan area for over 20 years. He is the son of a local area real estate investor and married to a realtor. Duke, a Washington area native, was raised understanding the value of real estate and learned his craft from the ground up. 


While he has a great team of contractors who can be called on around the clock it is not unusual to see him doing an inspection himself or even fixing a garbage disposal. Taking great care of his clients, tenants and properties, he prides himself on ensuring that he and his staff provide quality customer service.


Because he is a professional who cares about his clients' best interest, he will go beyond the call of duty to ensure their investment is protected. By having the ability to have some of the work done in-house he is able to protect the owner's bottom line.  Whether you are looking to get your property licensed, leased, managed, or need to start the eviction process, he can address your concerns.

DSK Property Management will not refuse to rent a rental unit to a person because the person will provide the rental payment, in whole or in part, through a voucher for rental housing assistance provided as applicable by the District, state, or federal government. Equal Housing Opportunity.


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