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Resident Information continued


Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

All of our properties are equipped with smoke detectors and when applicable carbon monoxide detectors.  They should be checked quarterly and batteries should be changed annually. 



Initial move-in inspections will be done with each new tenant.  The inspection is done to make sure everything is working.  In addition, any damage to the unit that existed when you moved in is noted in the report.  You will not be responsible for noted damage.  You will receive a copy of this inspection for your records.  Annual inspections will also be carried out by DSK staff.  At the time of move-out, a final inspection of your unit will be held.  You will be responsible for any damages incurred while you were a tenant beyond normal wear and tear and what had been previously noted on the report. 



You will be issued a key to your unit upon move-in.  You may have your unit key duplicated.  We urge you to give a duplicate key to a reliable family member, close friend or neighbor, so you may contact them in case of a lock out.  If maintenance has to be dispatched to your property to handle the lock out there is a $50 charge.  If you call the office to make arrangements to pick up a key during office hours there is a $25 key deposit that will be returned once key is returned to the office.



We do not have insurance on your personal property.  It is strongly recommended that you take out a renter's insurance policy.  DSK will not be responsible for personal belongings in case of fire or other emergencies.



Rents are payable on the first of the month; and will be considered delinquent after the grace period (check lease).  Checks should be made out to DSK Property Management.  If you want to send a check for something other than rent, such as payment for a pet deposit, please send a separate check.


Move Out Checklist  - Letter

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